About us:

We are based in London, United Kingdom with a dedicated team of voip engineers and experts, we have used all our efforts to provide you a solution that actually works for your termination needs. We are focused to provide you with the best possible products and an extra ordinary customer support service. As a part of our quality control program, we make frequent software assessment tests to ensure that our products meets the quality parameters. Our sales team is available 8 hours a day from 9am to 5pm according United Kingdom’s local time (GMT +0). Our support and technical staff is available 24/7 to help you. we can be reached on below given telephone numbers, live chats and via emails.

What we offer:

Businesses and VoIP termination providers who use GSM gateways or SIM boxes to cut the phone call costs, This brings up several issues related to high bandwidth requirements and also SIP blockage in many countries.

VOXWAYS : offers its flagship product “VBO”, which reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 80% and can bypass VoIP blockages. this can help GSM gateway and SIM box gateway operators to enhance their VoIP termination business by optimising the bandwidth up to the maximum level.